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I. Selecting Coaches

The Travel Team Committee is responsible for the oversight of the coach and assistant coach assignment process which will include recruiting and assessing candidates.
Anyone who would like to be a coach or assistant coach must submit a CORI form. No exceptions.

Candidates may register for multiple coaching positions within different age groups and genders. However, if the number of candidates allows, coaches and assistant coaches will only be appointed to 1 team per season.

Registering as a coach or assistant does not guarantee assignment to a team. Coaches and assistants are approved and assigned by the Travel Team Committee. This is done at the start of each season and assignments are for 1 season only.
Each team will be assigned a head coach. This coach will be expected to coach for the Fall and Spring sessions within a season and is responsible for complete oversight of the assigned team. The Travel Team Committee will provide each coach with names of volunteers who registered as an assistant coach. Using this information, the coach can choose up to 2 assistant coaches who then must be approved by the Travel Team Committee.

The Travel Team Committee will do its best to ensure that at least one coach or assistant coach assigned to a girl’s team is female.

Where possible, coaches and assistant coaches are assigned to coach their child’s team.

Candidates who are neither parents nor legal guardians of children in the program will be assigned to a team based on the needs of the program. In cases where more than one coach is available for a team, the head coach position will be awarded based on the ability of the coaches that are available. This assignment will be based on a majority vote of the Travel Team Committee. Coach certification level will take precedence in the decision.

SSC is committed to providing each team with the best possible coach and assistant coach. As a result, when approving assignments, the following factors will be considered:

1. Prior Coaching Experience (preference is commensurate with level of play). If you have information available which you believe will assist the Travel Team Committee in making this assessment, please submit it to the Travel Program Cocoordinator;

2. Education; Level G (4 hour) license, Level F (8 hour) license, Level E (16 hour) license, Level D (32 hour) license, and Level C national license;

3. Experience conducting Clinics/Symposiums;

4. Playing Experience;

5. Commitment to the program and other experience including; experience as a certified referee, prior participation in SSC, experience participating in other sports programs, attitude, organizational ability, and the ability to get along with others.

All coaches and assistant coaches are subject to ongoing review and the Travel Team Committee and/or the Board of Directors reserve the right to suspend or terminate the services of either for any reason whatsoever. Termination or suspension of a coach or assistant coach during the season requires approval of the Board of Directors. Notice oftermination or suspension will be in writing and will include the reason for and length of the termination or suspension and all other relevant information. This decision may be appealed at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors’ meeting. Notification of appeal must be received by the President of the Stoneham Soccer Club, in writing and no later than one week before the meeting. If a suspension or termination is the result of a request by MYSL or the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association, it must be appealed directly to those respective boards.

In the event a coach cannot be recruited for a team, this team will be eliminated from the program and the players will have an option to be assigned to a team in the TownProgram.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches Responsibilities

All coaches and assistant coaches are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in termination of a coach’s or assistant coach’s assignment:

During all SSC related events, ensure you and players exhibit the highest level of professionalism, sportsmanship, respect for others, dignity, patience and positive spirit.

During the game coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for the conduct of players, parents, and spectators attending the game to support your team. Accordingly, a coach and assistant coach should encourage sportsmanship and positive participation by all. Coaches and assistant coaches are reminded that player development and the opportunity to provide children a pleasant and enjoyable soccer experience is the priority. As a result, coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for making sure all players are involved in each game. The Travel Team Committee suggests that each player is allowed to play a minimum of 10 minutes per game. Coaches are encouraged to consider whether a player adheres to the suggested “Obligations and Responsibilities of Travel Team Players” outlined below when determining playing time.

Coaches and assistant coaches should make every effort to attend all coaching clinics offered and sanctioned by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association. (“MYSA”) Coaches are eligible for reimbursement for attending clinics. Please refer to the Stoneham Soccer Club website for additional information.

Coaches and assistant coaches are required to respect the decisions of the referees during games. If a coach or assistant coach disagrees with the officiating of a game, he /she must first try to work with the referee amicably. If that is unsuccessful then a complaint should be filed with MYSL. Under no circumstances should a dispute result in arguments before, during, or after a game. Disputes and/or comments are to be submitted to MYSL, in writing, by the coach. SSC expects any and all submissions to be professional and factual.

Coaches or assistant coaches are required to submit the final score of each game to the MYSL which can be done by entering the MYSL website. This section of the website also provides and opportunity to provide feedback for the referee who officiated the game. Coaches and assistant coaches are reminded to provide both positive and negative comments as appropriate. In addition, only constructive, professional, and factual comments should be provided.

Coaches or assistant coaches are required to report red card infractions to the Travel Program Coordinator in addition to injuries resulting in a player having to discontinue participation for the remainder of the game. These must be reported on the same day as the applicable game.

Coaches and/or assistant coaches are required to schedule at least one team practice a week. SSC encourages coaches to schedule 2 practices each week.

Coaches and assistant coaches are required to be sure teams are properly equipped for each game. This shall include but is not limited to; the proper size soccer balls, other equipment considered necessary to conduct an effective practice, and official team rosters which will be issued by the Travel Team Committee.

Coaches are required to encourage fair play and uphold the spirit of the game.

Coaches and assistant coaches are required to support and encourage the philosophy of SSC.

Coaches and assistant coaches are required to attend the pre-season coaches meeting conducted by the Board of Directors (time and place to be determined and announced each year).

Foul language and inappropriate comments before, during, and after games, practices, and any other SSC sponsored event are strictly prohibited.

To help the player evaluation process (See III. Selecting Players for Travel Teams) Coaches and assistant coaches will be required to evaluate each member of his/her team. These results will be incorporated into the SSC travel team player evaluation process and used to help proper placement of players for the subsequent season.

Coaches and assistant coaches are responsible for having their team prepared for an upcoming season and the Fall and Spring Sessions within that season. This includes but is not limited to; team assignment notification, practices, uniforms and equipment.


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