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Parents' Responsibilities

Important Information for All Parents:  Parents are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that their children are properly registered for each upcoming season. Registration is held once for Travel and twice each year for Town in accordance with the Club by-laws.
  • Providing their medical insurance company and policy number upon registration. Failure to provide this information will result in the registrant being ineligible to play. If no medical insurance coverage is provided by the family the Club must be notified.
  • Sending a copy of a birth certificate for players who have not played in the Stoneham Soccer Club organization within the past three years. New registrants cannot be accepted without certification of birth date.
  • Verifying all information on the roster relative to your child. Report any incorrect information to the registrar immediately so that the club records can be updated.
  • Notifying the registrar if you do not want your telephone number published. The number will be given to the coach and not printed on the roster. It is important that the club has the correct nighttime phone number on record since it is the only means of contacting you.
  • Providing each player with the complete uniform as prescribed by the Stoneham Soccer Club.
  • Providing transportation for their children to and from games and practices. A roster of team members is provided so that car pools may be arranged.
  • Ensuring that your child is on time for practices and at the field at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
  • Arranging to have your child picked up promptly after games and practices. Many coaches wait until all children have been picked up before leaving the field so as to not leave children unsupervised. Coaches have been kept late repeatedly by the same parents. Please be considerate of those who are donating their time for your children.
  • Reading the list of player responsibilities and help your child meet them.

Parents' Code of Conduct

Behavior such as interfering with play or other players will be acted upon by the Board of Directors.

Parents Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy click HERE


Please see "Safety Reminders"

Uniform Information

Please see below for frequently-asked questions related to our uniforms, posted July 2021.  Specific instructions for TRAVEL uniforms are at this link and TOWN uniforms are at this link

Q. Does the registration fee include the uniform?
A. No, uniforms are purchased separately through
Q. Why do we have to get new uniforms?
A. Most sports organizations require purchase of new uniforms regularly. In Fall of 2017, our organization decided to shift to a name-brand (high-end) uniform through Prior to that we had lower-end uniforms which changed slightly every year, which caused our teams to look unprofessional, especially at the travel level. Using an online vendor allowed us to have consistency on the field at a lower cost to families.
Q. Must I get a new uniform?
A. For the Travel program, it is required since all teams must be uniformly dressed when on the field. Players run the risk of being removed from the field by a referee for inconsistent uniforms. For Town, we hope that people will consider purchasing new uniforms as it instills a sense of professionalism and teamwork, which is part of sports development.  

Q. Uniforms seem so expensive.  
A. We have negotiated the lowest possible price with Puma and  We do not add any mark-up to the uniform cost, however, does give us credit points for every uniform purchased which we have been using to purchase balls and nets.  Since the costs of playing soccer have increased in recent years (league and referee fees, field maintenance, equipment and insurance), this has allowed us to keep our registration cost to you at the same price for several years.

Q. I went to and searched for my child's name and it wasn't there. Now what?
A. Ordering procedures are different for the Travel program vs. the Town program. We have sent out instructions for TRAVEL players and TOWN players.  Briefly:  When selecting Stoneham Soccer Club, a box comes up. For TRAVEL, enter and select your player's name for next steps.  For TOWN, go directly to the bottom of the box where it says "Collections should be used if you did not receive an email with a player number already assigned".  This is where TOWN players will select "Stoneham Intown Kit 2021-23" for next steps. 
Q. How often will uniforms change?
A. Since switching vendors, we focused on uniforms with a three-plus year shelf life. Many high-end uniforms have a two-year shelf life. Our previous uniform, Under Armour, was available for four years. Puma, our new uniform provider, will be a three-year uniform. There are currently no high-end uniforms available for four years.


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