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The Stoneham Soccer Club Board of Directors welcomes you. In an effort to be more accessible, all Board members will wear an easily-identifiable jersey or jacket on game days.

We look forward to meeting you throughout the season. Feel free to approach any Board member to introduce yourself. We always appreciate any feedback, positive and constructive, with the goal of assuring a great experience for your children.

See you on the field!

Board of Directors

President* Shawn McCarthy (781) 438-6465 [email protected]
Vice President* Eric Rubin (617) 510-1053 [email protected]
Treasurer* Massimo Guarino (781) 254-8947 [email protected]
Secretary* Lisa Gove (617) 872-0158 [email protected]
Registrar (Town)* Cynthia O'Donnell (617) 645-4289 [email protected]
Registrar (Travel, Combined)* Jim Sherry (781) 438-0736 [email protected]
Webmaster Hichame Tagzine (617) 771-7797 [email protected]
Town U6 Commissioner Nick Scenna pls. send email [email protected]  ATTN: Nick Scenna U6
Town U8 Commissioner -Boys Open [email protected]
Town U8 Commissioner -Girls Erika Parsons (781) 789-1263 [email protected]
Town U10 Commissioner - Boys Sean Homem pls. send email
[email protected]  ATTN: Sean Homem U10B
Town U10 Commissioner - Girls Jonathan Ciampa (781) 879 3391 [email protected]
Town U12 Commissioner -Co-Ed Ian Armitage (339) 224-7395 [email protected]
Town U14 Commissioner -Co-Ed Ian Armitage (339) 224-7395 [email protected]
Travel Chair Tobin Shulman (617) 460-4504 [email protected]
Travel Subcommittee Lisa Gove (617) 872-0158 [email protected]
Massimo Guarino (781) 254-8947 [email protected]
Matt Jones (781) 428-5259 [email protected]
Shawn McCarthy (781) 438-6465 [email protected]
Tom Ribaudo (617) 957-3106 [email protected]
Risk Manager/CORI Submitter Pam Sherry 781-438-0736 [email protected]
Referee Coordinator -Travel/Town Matt Jones (781) 428-5259 [email protected]
Player/Coach Development Manager Open [email protected]
Player Development Subcommittee Cynthia O'Donnell (617) 645-4289 [email protected]
Tom Ribaudo (617) 957-3106 [email protected]
Nick Scenna   [email protected]
Field/Equipment Cordinator Massimo Guarino (781) 254-8947 [email protected]
Shed/Concession Coordinator Rocco Cieri (781) 866-9720 [email protected]
Field/Shed Subcommittee Eric Rubin (617) 510-1053 [email protected]
Jim Sherry (781) 438-0736 [email protected]
Ian Armitage (339) 224-7395 [email protected]
Special Projects/Events Leslie Duhamel (781) 438-3435 [email protected]
* Executive Committee Member

Officers' Duties

Our Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers. Please follow this link for a general description of officers' duties. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at [email protected]



Stoneham Soccer Club
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