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Practice plans - Guidelines for running Team Practices

Please use the information provided in the linked documents as your guide to prepare and manage training sessions, from first introductions to the final whistle

 Shooting Stars


US Soccer's Safe Soccer Framework - Protecting the Safety of all Players and Participants

Registration Process for all Coaches, Managers, Board members, Volunteers, and Associates of Stoneham Youth Soccer

In 2018, congress passed the Abuse Prevention Act and U.S. Soccer established requirements for all adults involved in youth soccer know as US Soccer’s Safe Soccer Framework. In support, and collective efforts to provide the safest possible soccer environment for all players and participants, Massachusetts Youth Soccer created MA Safe Soccer.

What does this mean to you as an adult involved in your organization’s soccer activities?  The key elements are:
  • Expansion of Background Checks, including State and National Sex Offender Searches
  • Abuse Prevention Education and Training
  • Concussion Training: CDC’s Heads Up Coaches Course
  • Use of New Membership Management System for Adult Registrations
  • Adherence to new Mass Youth Soccer Player and Participant Safety Policy
  • New MA Safe Soccer Platform

For more information, please see the MA Safe Soccer Adult Introduction Letter and visit the MA Safe Soccer website

Volunteer Registration Process

Thank you for volunteering to coach for Stoneham Soccer.  Your time and commitment are greatly appreciated!

In order to be approved to start working with a team, every coach must complete several steps to complete the Adult Registration Process to take on a volunteer role with Stoneham Soccer Club. Once the process is complete, you will then obtain a lanyard that indicates Risk Management approval. That lanyard is required prior to working with the players.  

All information is located on the Mass Youth Soccer website at the Adult Registration Process page.
Below are the steps to take, with reference to the links on that page. (You may also download this document that shows you where these resources are) 

Stoneham Soccer Club is "Club Connect" meaning that your registration in Stoneham Soccer linked to US Soccer Connect, BUT you must still register within US Soccer Connect to link the state background CORI check to your Stoneham registration

To make this process as smooth as possible, you must use your full legal first and last name and same email address for all registration/learning portals.  Not doing so will create duplicate accounts which then creates additional steps for you to rectify the duplication.

  1. Register with Stoneham Soccer Club through our website.
  2. Go to the Mass Youth Soccer Website Adult Registration Process page, shown here. Click on the Adult Registration Checklist (right sidebar, top). This will direct you on how to do the following essential steps:

    a)    Register with Mass Youth Soccer via the U. S. Soccer Connect portal

    ·         Refer to the New User or Returning User Help Guide

    b)    Complete the SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training, accessed through your U.S. Soccer Connect account once you complete your Mass Youth Soccer adult registration (step a. above). 

    ·         Refer to the SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training Help Guide

    c)     Complete Concussion Training

    §  Refer to the CDC Concussion Training Help Guide

    d)    Complete the one-time CORI Verification Process

    §  Download, print and complete the CORI Acknowledgement form

    §  Contact Pam Sherry, via email at [email protected] or phone 781-438-0736 to complete the CORI acknowledgement process IN PERSON.

  3. Read all Mass Youth Soccer policies and review the SSC website for updated information.

If there are any questions, please contact Pam Sherry, SSC Risk Manager, at
[email protected] or 781-438-0736.

Important RESPECT Video

Each year we hear stories of coaches who lose control at a game, and take frustrations out on referees, parents and, worst of all, players.

If a coach could see a video of himself or herself during one of these moments, he or she would be stunned.

Please watch this video as an example of what this unacceptable behavior looks like, and the effects it can have: RESPECT

Important Information for All Coaches

Hello Town Coaches - The SSC Board would like to extend its Thanks to each of you for volunteering your time, effort and energy to coach the youth of Stoneham in the sport of soccer. Each of you is making a tremendous commitment and contribution to these players and it is very much appreciated.

The following are some important reminders for the upcoming season.

  • SSC encourages coaches to develop their skills, and will fully reimburse (with a receipt of completion) those who complete a coaching course through Mass Youth Soccer. Please visit their website ( ) for details.
  • Contact all of the players on your team and welcome any new players to your team. Let them know how you will be communicating with them this season. All the schedules will be posted on the website.
  • All teams must practice at least once per week (except clinic and U14coed); PRACTICES SHOULD NOT INCLUDE THE USE OF THE LOCKED GOALS!!! PLEASE KEEP ALL CHILDREN OFF THESE GOALS to prevent injury and net damage.
  • Coaches with the first game on a field need to set up their respective fields with the proper equipment so please arrive at least 15 minute before your game time. If the games do NOT start on time this throws our schedule off for the whole day. The coaches with the last game are required to put the equipment back in the shed.
  • Ice packs and other First-Aid supplies are in the shed.
  • Clinic coaches should let new parents know how the program works, with ½ hour of practice and ½ hour of play on Sundays.
  • Each child should receive equal playing time. They should also experience all the positions (unless a child does not want to play goal; please don't make them).
  • All coaches should lead by example, maintain a positive attitude, communicate with the parents, and respect each other (DO NOT RUN UP SCORES!!)
  • If your team is up 5 or more goals, you as the coach MUST to do the following to encourage good sportsmanship: move your stronger players back on defense; encourage passing (5 passes before they shoot); have them take shots with their weaker foot; The Club will NOT tolerate coaches that don't make the attempt to do this!!!
  • Be aware of the cancellation procedure. You will be contacted by your commissioner and in turn you will then contact your team. Also the cancellation will be put on the website home page as well. This decision is made at 7am by the commissioners.
  • All coaches and assistant coaches MUST be registered on the website ( ). If you are NOT registered then you will not be allowed to coach.
  • Unregistered players may not participate in practices or games for insurance reasons.
  • For any players who have not previously played soccer please notify the parents that the uniforms can be purchased at, prior to the start of the season. FULL UNIFORMS ARE REQUIRED TO PLAY ON SATURDAY/SUNDAY.
  • The Referees need to be treated respectfully as well and the club will NOT tolerate abuse from coaches or parents!!!
  • Town rule reminders: NO PENALTY KICKS IN TOWN GAMES (there are direct free kicks but from outside the penalty area)! There are NO distance restrictions on goal kicks. The restriction on Keeper distributions (throws, punts or drop kicks) needing to hit the ground or be played before crossing midfield has been changed. Keeper distributions must now hit the ground or be played before entering the other penalty area.
  • SSC will do its best to be sure to have a Board member at the shed on game days in case you have any problems or questions. Just look for one of us in our black jacket or polo shirt.

If you have any problems and/or questions, please contact your commissioner. Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to a GREAT season!!!

PROformance Curriculum

The PROformance Soccer Academy is the leading soccer training organization in Massachusetts, founded in 2009. The training curriculum of all our programs was developed by Miles Alden-Dunn (MLS practice player and professional trainer) and Shalrie Joseph (8 Time MLS All-Star). The curriculum and core philosophies are derived from a combined 40 years of playing, coaching, and learning from some of the most respected clubs and brightest minds from around the world. Unlike other soccer training programs, our main focus is on individual player development. We want to teach players the correct way to execute the fundamental skills, so that they can excel when playing on their teams!


Please see "Safety Reminders"

Browadway Field Practices -

Please use the kickwalls during all practices at the Broadway Soccer Fields, and avoid using all existing goal boxes to allow for field regeneration.

Also, please assure that children not play on the goal posts or nets, as this may accelerate their wear and, more importantly, place children at risk for injury.

Thank you.


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