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Officers' Duties


  • Convenes and chairs all meetings of the General Membership and Executive Board.
  • Establishes and serves as a member of all committees.
  • Represents the Stoneham Soccer Club in all external business.
  • Determines the need for special meetings of the Board and/or telephone votes to be taken by the Secretary.

Vice President

  • Assumes duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Serves as a member of all committees.
  • Prepares the Club Directory.
  • Responsible for all required printing services (e.g. Club Directory, rosters, schedules, registration flyers, forms, banquet tickets, etc.).


  • Manages the club bank accounts.
  • Collects and disburses funds as operational necessity dictates.
  • Prepares an annual operating budget.
  • Prepares monthly income and expense reports and an annual summary report.


  • Assists the Vice President with production of publications.
  • Executes external correspondence of the Stoneham Soccer Club.
  • Records minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Notifies Officers of Board Meetings and accepts excuses for those unable to attend.
  • Obtains telephone votes at the direction of the President.


  • Responsible for registration of players for spring and fall seasons.
  • Compiles and maintains records of players and coaches.
  • Assists Commissioners with preparation of schedules, rosters and draft lists.
  • Assists Travel Team Coordinator with preparation of rosters.


  • Responsible for providing coaches for each team fielded.
  • Responsible for conducting player draft within their league.
  • Responsible for distributing schedules and rosters within their league.
  • Responsible for the issuing and collecting of equipment from coaches within their league.
  • Insures that games start on time.
  • Conducts coaches meetings when deemed necessary.
  • Schedules make-up games within their league in the event of a postponement.
  • Maintain weekly list of children who have missed games.

Travel Team Coordinators

  • Responsible for schedules and rosters for all travel teams.
  • Responsible for the issuing and collecting of equipment from coaches for all travel teams.
  • Conducts coaches meetings when deemed necessary.
  • Acts as liaison between MYSL and the Club.
  • Attends all MYSL meetings and informs Club Officers of MYSL regulations and events.
  • Responsible for coordinating travel teams selection and placement/movement process.
  • Responsible for field scheduling for travel make-up games.


  • Maintains the website for the club.
  • Posts timely and accurate news to the website.
  • Receives and handles disposition of all electronic-mail communications.

Equipment Manager

  • Responsible for ordering and purchase of all equipment as approved by the board.
  • Responsible for distributing equipment to League Commissioners.
  • Responsible for all field equipment.
  • Responsible for lining and maintaining fields.

Referee Coordinator

  • Responsible for hiring and assigning referees.
  • Responsible for scheduling referees for all regular and make-up games within the town leagues.
  • Certifies number of games worked and approves payment for referees.
  • Ensures referees are at the field 10 minutes before game time.
  • Ensures referees start game clock on time whether coaches and teams are ready or not.
  • Responsible for providing MYSA approved referees for all Fall travel team games and for the Under 10 travel team games in the Spring.

Uniform Coordinator & Awards

  • Responsible for ordering and purchase of all travel team uniforms as approved by the board.
  • Responsible for distributing new travel team uniforms to coaches.
  • Responsible for ordering all awards

Player Development

  • Responsible for coordinating player and coaches training.


Stoneham Soccer Club
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