Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing, or contacting your age commissioner (information located at the Board of Directors link to the left).

Our Mailing Address is:

Stoneham Soccer Club

PO Box 261

Stoneham, MA 02180


Please keep your e-mail up to date since all communications come through e-mail. You may update your e-mail by logging into your member account.

NOT RECEIVING EMAILS? WAIT!! Do not email us just yet, until you:

  1. Log on to our website to verify that (a) your email is correct, and (b) that you did not OPT OUT of receiving emails.
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Updated Schedule:

Town U6-U14: Games start Sunday April 27. Schedule is posted under Town Schedules and Standings.

Town U4 (Shooting Stars) & PROformance clinics: Games start Sunday April 27. Sessions are held 1:00 pm to 1:45 pm.

Travel U10-U14: Games start Saturday April 12. See Travel Program and Schedules link to the left.

Important information is located below this area (on the homepage).

It is essential that families read through these reminders, and also look through details located at the For Parents and For Players (and Parents) links to the left. Please also familiarize yourself with the Rules of Play.


TOWN Program (U6 - U14): Town uniforms consist of a reversible Stoneham Town soccer shirt, black shorts and black soccer socks, which can be purchased at Reading Trophy at 660 Main Street in Reading (781) 944-7171.

Shooting Stars: Uniforms are not required.

Protective Equipment and Other Safety:

  • Shin guards are required.
  • Footwear - SOCCER cleats are strongly recommended; sneakers are allowed. NO OTHER SPORTS CLEATS (please see Safety Reminders link to the left, details on the right sidebar)
  • No visible jewelry allowed
  • Bring Water!!!!
  • Remember to apply sunscreen and bug repellent.
  • Concussion awareness - please be sure to read the link on our Safety Reminders page, and details here.
Some Info Everyone Should Know...

Communications: We use email for all communications. Please log into your account to assure that all emails are correct. Please do not "Opt Out" of emails from our club, or else you will not receive important messages. 

Team Placement: Fall: Teams are drafted by coaches. Spring: Returning players who register on time will be placed back with the team they played with in the Fall (unless there is a request to be removed from that team). New Spring registrants will be placed based upon need/team size/equity. Late-returning regisrants will be placed back on their previous team only if space remains after all regular registrants have been placed.

Start of the Season: In General, the Fall soccer season starts the first weekend after Labor Day, and the Spring season starts the first week of April.

Schedule: Town games will be held Sundays between 8 am and 3 pm. Teams schedules will be posted under "Town Schedules and Standings" to the left when the teams are finalized, by September 8. Travel games are generally played on Saturday, and the schedule can be found under  "Travel Program and Schedules" to the left.

Uniform Information: Purchased through Reading Trophy and Shirt, located at 660 Main St, Reading; phone (781) 944-7171.

  • Town (U6-U14) : Reversible shirt, black shorts, & black socks. (NOTE: If it's cold and the players wear pants be sure they wear their black shorts over the pants).
    • NOTE: The "home team" wears the BLUE side of the shirt.
  • Travel: Please e-mail the league for more information:
  • Cleats: If your child wears cleats please make sure they're soccer cleats. To avoid injuries NO BASEBALL, FOOTBALL OR METAL CLEATS ARE ALLOWED. Please see the "For Players" link to the left for more information on safety.
  • Shin pads are required (which must be worn under socks).

Game Cancellations: We will post game cancellations (due to weather conditions) by 7:15 am on the right sidebar of our homepage. We will also send an email to all families announcing game cancellations. Please see our policy on the right side of our homepage. 

Player, Parent, Coach abnd Referee Conduct: We take misconduct issues very seriously. Please read our reminders regarding conduct under the Parents, Players, Coaches and Referees links to the left. 

Safety is our number one priority. Please see the "Safety Reminders" link to the left for more information.

More Info Everyone Should Know - Game Day Reminders
  • Jewelry, including earrings, necklaces or bracelets, must be removed. Medic-Alert bracelets and chains are allowed; please secure them with medical tape.
  • Glasses are allowed but must be secured by a safety strap. Sports goggles are preferred, especially if your child intends on playing goalie often.
  • Please remember to pick up your children promptly after games and practices. If possible, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the anticipated end of the game or practice to avoid delaying others' departure.
  • If your child is unable to make a game, please try to communicate this to the coach as soon as possible.
  • Please be sure to keep off of the newly-treated areas on the field so that we can allow the field to regenerate properly for next season.
  • For safety reasons, please keep children out of the wooded areas surrounding the field. This includes areas surrounding the Senior Center parking lots except in cleared pathways. There is only one pathway near the fence for the upper fields, and two pathways from the small lot extension nearest the shed.
  • On game day, parents must sit 6 feet from the sidelines in order to avoid disruption in sideline play, and to assure the safety of our spectators and players. Please also do not sit behind the goals to avoid being hit by a fast-moving ball. Please sit on the opposite side of the field away from the team and coaches to avoid distractions to the coach and the players.
  • Please note: ONLY parents who have REGISTERED with Stoneham Soccer and filled out a CORI form may coach during practices and games. Parents should not otherwise be near the team in the sidelines or on the field during practices and games.
  • PLEASE - When leaving the field, please dispose of all trash properly, and recycle plastic and aluminum containers in the designated receptacles.
  • Stoneham Soccer Board Members wear black and white jerseys and black jackets. Please look for us on the field should you have questions or concerns, or if you just want to say "HI" so that we can introduce ourselves.
Inclement Weather

Please follow THIS LINK for SSC's Inclement Weather Policy.

TOWN: Cancellation information will be posted on our website by 7:15 am in the upper right corner of the home page, and an e-mail will be sent out to families.

TRAVEL: Please go to the THIS LINK for Travel Soccer field closure information

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