Important Information for All Referees

Referees' Responsibilities

Referees are responsible for:

  • Assuring that they are duly registered and insured by the Stoneham Soccer Club. Participation as a referee will otherwise not be allowed.
  • Arriving at the field at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled game time.
  • Notifying the referee coordinator as soon as possible if unable to referee a scheduled game.
  • Ensuring that the game clock starts at the scheduled time even if the teams are not ready. Game starts shall not be delayed because the coaches or teams are not ready.
  • Not permitting players to participate in games unless they are wearing the complete uniform prescribed by the Stoneham Soccer Club (jerseys, shorts, socks, and shin pads).

Referees' Code of Conduct

Behavior such as interfering with play or other players will be acted upon by the Board of Directors.

Referees will:

  • Maintain control of the game and comment constructively to players and coaches as required.
  • Never become involved in arguments or confrontations. Yellow cards and red cards shall be given to players and coaches in conformance with the rules of the game of soccer.
  • Caution the offending individual as to the consequences of continued misconduct.
  • Report all incidents of player, coach or parental misconduct to the Board of Directors.

Please contact the Referee Coordinator before pursuing referee certification to determine if there are enough games available to give to new referees.

UPDATE: 4/12/11: Due to the overwhelming number of certified referees for the current game schedule, the SSC has decided to create a wait list for new referees in our Stoneham youth program until vacancies become available.

UPDATE: 5/10/11: SSC is no longer reimbursing any fees for re-certification or new referee certifications based on the amount of referees we have but we still supply the patched referee jersey.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy
Posted Feb 22, 2019

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy

Under the Mass Youth Soccer Safe Soccer platform, we are required by U.S. Soccer to establish an Athlete and Participant Safety Policy. The official Massachusetts Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy can be found
This expansive policy calls for the implementation of additional education, training, policies and procedures and protocols. This policy applies to all Mass Youth Soccer member organizations and should be referenced on each of these organization’s websites.